Dana White compares Power Slap to early days of UFC

Power Slap nears the end of its first season. It’s gotten terrible press and the ratings may or may not have met expectations, but it’s a family story to Dana White.

Power Slap is in its infancy. It’s hard to tell if it’ll have staying power or fall into the category of failed professional sports league. It’s remind the White of his early days at the UFC.

“Listen, what I’ve gone through with Slap is deja vu from UFC. Exact same thing,” White said during the UFC 285 Post-fight Press Conference.

“There wasn’t f**king media like this here back then. There was nobody. We would literally try to beg people to show to our press conferences. Nobody covered the UFC in the early days. People act like they did now, but they’re full of shit,” continued the UFC president.

“We were at a press conference one time, I’ve told this story before, and I don’t know how we got the couple of media people that were there. One guy was Spanish. It was a Mexican newspaper or something and I had Tito Ortiz up there. They guy goes, Tito (Spanish speaking). Starts talking to Tito. Tito goes, ‘I don’t speak Spanish.’ I shit you not, the guy got up and walked out of the press conference. He was one of two guys that were there,” said White.

When the dust all settles in a couple of weeks at the season finale, White believes that he’ll get the last laugh when it comes to Power Slap.

“Slap is identical. Everybody in the media ripping it apart. In a couple of weeks I’ll let you guys know and I can’t wait to say I told you so,” he said.

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