Dana White Can Book ‘The Hulk vs. Mother Teresa,’ But Can’t Land Georges St-Pierre a Fight

October 20, 2016

Georges St-Pierre loves Dana White. But he also doesn’t.

Like many long-lasting relationships that go sour, St-Pierre sees White for what he is, at least according to him, during this point in time.

In an interview recently on The MMA hour, the once-retired, now free agent St-Pierre, expressed his conflicted thoughts on the UFC President.

“Dana White is the best promoter in the world,” St-Pierre said. “He is the greatest of all time. We would not make mixed martial arts for a living if (it) were not for Dana White. He did that for all of us. He took the UFC when it was small, he took it and he raised the bar for every one of us.”

Stephan Bonnar, Forrest Griffin, and a great built-in lead-in audience from Monday Night Raw on the Spike Network, might have also played a role. But yes, White, of course, did so also.

But the ride appears to be nearing its end.

“But now, in this situation, unfortunately, he is against me because of the business interests,” St-Pierre said. “I don’t dislike Dana White. A big part of what I do, of what I have earned, it’s because of Dana White. Dana White is so good, he can organize a fight between Hulk and Mother Theresa and make people believe it’s gonna be an even fight and make people believe that they need to see that fight. He’s so good at promoting. He’s the best in the world. When he say something, everybody believes it.”

Translation: St-Pierre made a lot of money off the UFC and White, but now he’s on the other end, as he attempts to renegotiate a contract.

Pierre recently announced that he is a free agent, although the UFC feels differently.

Perhaps, just like Conor McGregor retired and then came back, GSP and White while reunite in the Octagon. Or not.

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