Dana White Breaks Down St-Pierre vs. Shields; Is Nick Diaz Next for GSP?

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre going in to UFC 129 in Toronto felt that Jake Shields would be one of his toughest opponents ever. Critiques will surely debate whether he was or wasn’t, especially since St-Pierre was unable to finish Shields.

St-Pierre, whose face displayed the wear and tear of a fight with Shields, wasn’t able to make the post fight press conference at the Rogers Centre, but UFC president Dana White gave his take on it.

He defended St-Pierre’s inability to finish, saying he is fighting “the very best fighters in the world.”

While White agrees that St-Pierre is as close as a fighter can come to “cleaning out” a division, he also thinks there are always new challenges on the horizon. He addressed the fight, and St-Pierre’s future at the press conference, even commenting on the possibility of a future fight between St-Pierre and Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz.