Dana White Blasts ‘Liar’ Oscar De La Hoya in Lastest Feud Salvo

UFC president Dana White and Oscar De La Hoya, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, have had a very public feud that mostly got its legs when White helped promote Conor McGregor’s bid to box Floyd Mayweather.

Things got bitter when De La Hoya began criticizing Mayweather vs. McGregor, indicating it would be the downfall of boxing. 

The two haven’t slowed their roll since that financial blockbuster of a bout. De La Hoya jumped into mixed martial arts recently by promoting a trilogy bout between aging UFC Hall of Famers Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. After Liddell knocked Ortiz out in their first two meetings, the second of which had taken place nearly 12 years ago, Ortiz exacted his revenge with a first-round stoppage of “The Iceman” in November.

De La Hoya had been shouting from the rooftops that Liddell and Ortiz would make more money from that trilogy fight than they ever had fighting under the UFC banner. The former boxing world champion has also laid into White for suppressing fighter pay in general in mixed martial arts, claiming that he entered the MMA world to try and make things right for the fighters.

White has never been one to take such criticism quietly, and wasn’t about to do so now. In fact, he went on ESPN’s “First Take” to counter De La Hoya, accompanied by a list of facts and figures, saying he had in fact paid Liddell more money to not fight than De La Hoya had paid him for a the Ortiz trilogy bout, which is estimated to have generated about 40,000 pay-per-view buys.

White even went so far on ESPN’s “Get Up!” show to claim that Liddell told him via a phone call that he did not make more money fighting for Golden Boy Promotions than he had in the UFC.

De La Hoya has said that he and his team are evaluating the mixed martial arts scene, particularly scouring the free agent market, and are likely to continue promoting MMA events. White, on the other hand, has been talking strongly for the past year or so about his company’s commitment to getting into the business of promoting boxing, and has again reiterated that it will happen in 2019.

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So, while the feud between White and De La Hoya may be hitting new lows, they’re not likely to stop taking shots at one another any time soon. 

Dana White’s Appearance on ESPN’s First Take, Blasting De La Hoya

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Oscar De La Hoya Rips Dana White on ESPN’s First Take

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Dana White Claims Chuck Liddell Admitted He Made Less Money Fighting for Golden Boy

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