Dana White Believes, If Anyone, Conor McGregor Can Be a Two-Division UFC Champion

January 6, 2016

In his typical fashion, Conor McGregor has not been coy about his lofty goals. Now that he is the undisputed UFC featherweight champion, he wants to lay claim to the lightweight belt… and defend them both.

While that is unheard of in the UFC, it’s something that UFC president Dana White is open to exploring.

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“Conor has said he’d like to win the 155-poundbelt, and fight four times a year, and defend both belts,” White said on Wednesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight.

Conor McGregor and Dana White“If anybody can do it, Conor McGregor can. He’s done everything he’s said he would. I’m interested.”

Although a fighter would typically have to vacate the current championship if he or she wants to move up a weight class to fight for another belt, White believes that McGregor is someone that could manage defending two belts concurrently.

“Normally, I’d say if you move up in weight, you have to give up the belt. (But) Conor has done everything he said he was gonna do. He wants to fight. He really likes money. If anyone can do it, it’s probably  him.”

Will we see Conor McGregor vs. Rafael dos Anjos as the UFC’s next marquee match-up? Only time will tell. But it appears that it’s much more than a fantasy.

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