Dana White Amped for Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter

UFC president Dana White is always out there pushing his product, marketing the brand. But when it comes to the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter reality series, he went to great lengths to make it clear that he really does believe that the next season will be the best they’ve ever done… and he’s not just selling his product.

“I don’t want to sound like a promoter and like I’m trying to sell you guys on (The Ultimate Fighter) Season 10. (But) it’s the best television we’ve ever done,” he stated emphatically to small group of reporters over UFC 100 weekend.

“From the second it starts until the second we end… Andrea, she’s the producer, she said to me at the end of this thing, I honestly don’t know what they’re gonna do. There’s so many things, there’s so many stories; she says we could have a 10-disk DVD set on this thing, there’s just so many story lines and so much crazy (expletive) going on.

“When I say crazy (expletive), I’m not talking about guys (urinating) in fruit and stuff like that. I’m talking real television. I’m talking real good stuff.”

Season 10 is dubbed “The Heavyweights” featuring 16 men in the UFC’s heaviest weight class, including the controversial Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, former IFL champion Roy Nelson, several former professional football players, colorful UFC veteran Wes Sims, among a wide assortment of personalities and skill levels.

The coaches for Season 10 are no less interesting. Former UFC light heavyweight champions Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson have a healthy disdain for each other that will carry over into a December showdown following the end of the season’s run on Spike TV.