Dana White Addresses New PED’s Policy; Tells Those Who Test Positive to Own Up to It

January 27, 2012

The UFC has a new policy in place now with all incoming fighters to the company subject to drug testing before a contract with the promotion can be signed.

On Thursday, UFC President Dana White explained the reasoning behind the new policy, when traditionally the promotion has stayed out of the drug testing business due to the sport being regulated by the athletic commissions.

White stated that his hope is to stop young fighters from getting caught in the trap of performance enhancing drugs that cause major issues later in life.

“That’s where this testosterone replacement therapy is coming from now,” White explained. “These guys who abuse this stuff younger and earlier in their life now have to do this stuff because their body cannot produce testosterone. So if we can stop that stuff early with these athletes that are young and have the talent to be here, we feel like we’ll win half the battles.”

White admitted that steroids and other performance enhancers are obviously a detractor from the sport, and they are working their best to weed them out.

On the flipside however, when an athlete does test positive White is hopeful that they will own up to their mistakes and admit wrong doing.

“I don’t buy that (expletive). Own up to what you did . It’s out there, it happens, everybody makes mistakes,” said White.

Check out this video with UFC President Dana White as he addresses the new policy in the UFC and his approach to dealing with performance enhancing drugs: