Dana White Speaks TUF II

UFC President Dana White

UFC President Dana White

It’s hard to believe but Season 2 of the Ultimate

Fighter completes filming on Wednesday. 19 fighters
have been competing for the past eight weeks for two
coveted UFC contracts. One will receive a contract in
the welterweight division of 170, while the other gets
a contract in the heavyweight division.

MMAWeekly talked briefly with UFC President Dana White
yesterday. White of course didn’t talk much about the
show because he can’t, but did say “As the promo says,
Everybody was harmed during the taping of this show.”

What can people expect this time around compared to
Season 1? “This time was much more difficult on
everybody. Last time we (the participants) and you
the viewer didn’t know what to expect. These guys
knew what to expect, there was a ton more pressure on
the fighters and it was a whole different feel to
Season 2.”

And what about the injuries that MMAWeekly reported
recently? “Everybody gets banged up in the fight
game. There was a ton of stitches, guys were injured,
it’s no different than any other fight camp. That’s
all I will say.” The show concluded taping this week
and now it’s to the editing booth to get things put
together for the August 22nd debut on Spike TV.

MMAWeekly did ask White about the situation with
Andrei Arlovski and if he will fight in October.
White said “No Andrei will not fight in October, he
will now fight in December.” MMAWeekly broke the
story yesterday about Frank Mir not being able to
fight in October…it looks as though now the fight
will be moved to December.