by MMAWeekly.com
The Iroqoius Mixed Martial Arts Championships is taking place at the I.L.A, 3201 Second Line, Hagersville, Ontario, Canada on Feb. 9. This event will give Ontario fans a chance to watch live MMA action close to home.

The fights take place in a 23-foot square ring and there will be HD giant screens to display the action.

Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Jeff Joslin and International Fight League veteran Claude Patrick will be on hand to commentate.

Although mixed martial arts has yet to be sanctioned by the province of Ontario, the Iroqoius Mixed Martial Arts Championships takes place on a native reserve, which has not deemed it illegal.

The event is sanctioned by the Grand River Athletics Corporation and Grand River Athletics Commission and with Grass Roots Athletics promotions. The promotion states that standard professional MMA medical requirements are enforced at its events.

The fight card for the event is as follows:

Daryl Pinter vs. William Romero
Geza Kalman vs. Jason Cecil
Dwight Garlow vs. Brandon Curtis
Shane Cambell vs. Jetron Amarel
Brian Edge vs. Jeff Walsh
Joel Powell vs. Jon Irwin
Ainsley Robinson vs. Andy Hauser
Steve Vujnovic vs. Markeile Weiderburne
Josh Powell vs. Ali Mokdad
Dan Severn vs. Ian Asham