Dan Moret Hoping an RFA 13 Victory Puts Him in Title Contention and on UFC’s Short List

Dan MoretIf training is the foundation towards building a successful MMA career, then featherweight prospect Dan Moret could be someone to watch out for.

After a very successful amateur career where the majority of his training came locally, the move to the professional ranks prompted Moret to seek out the best training he could find in his area. He has since started off his pro career undefeated in his first six fights.

“I fought 14 times as an amateur and went 14-0, and I kind of had to move on from my hometown training center, so I went to find the best gym around the area in the state, so I moved up to Minneapolis to train at the Minnesota MMA Academy under Greg Nelson,” said Moret.

“I’ve been up there for two years now and things have been going really well. It’s a really strong team with a lot of good guys.”

Coincidentally, Moret’s success as an amateur might have hampered the start of his pro career.

“It was tough getting fights after being 14-0 as an amateur,” Moret told MMAWeekly.com. “(Athletic) commissions wouldn’t really approve a lot of fights and guys didn’t want to fight me, or if they did, they wanted big money to fight me, so it’s been tough getting good fights right away.”

Most recently Moret moved to the RFA and with the step up, he’s also continued to push his training by working out at one of California’s fastest rising gyms.

“I’m actually doing this camp down at Alliance Training Center in San Diego,” he said. “Myles Jury was looking for a sparring partner for his fight with Mike Ricci and they thought I could emulate his style well and give Miles some good looks.

“I came out here and did well and they invited me to come out and train whenever, so when this fight came up I wanted to make the trip out here and get in some good training out here.”

The fight that Moret (6-0) has coming up is a showdown with fellow undefeated prospect Luke Sanders (6-0) at RFA 13 on Friday in Lincoln, Neb.

“I feel I’ve got to fight my fight and implement my game plan and control the rhythm and feel of the fight the way I want,” Moret told MMAWeekly.com.

“(Sanders is) an explosive athlete and a strong wrestler who has power, so he’s going to want to come in, throw some hands and get his wrestling going. So I have to keep it at my range and use my height advantage, but if I do go to the ground I can’t let him get on top. So I’ve got to fight it at the distances I want, in the positions I want.”

Looking ahead to the rest of 2014, Moret feels a strong performance against Sanders at RFA 13 will not only help his status within the promotion, but also could help him take things to the next level.

“The immediate goal is to win this fight and hopefully win it impressively,” he said. “Being that I already have a win in the RFA, if I get an impressive win here, I could be one of the guys in line for a title shot.

“To be 7-0 with two wins in the RFA, I feel like I put my name on a short list of guys to get a UFC call.”

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