Review by Paul Gara (Photos by Matthew Kaplowitz)




Mass.- The young guns came out to put on a show on Friday night at The Shriners
Auditorium. UFC veteran Dan Lauzon was dominant in his performance against
Brendan Hoxie. Then, in the main event of the night, Sityodtong fighter, Mike
Campbell proved to everyone why the hype surrounding him was greatly deserved.


Lauzon came
out looking focused and ready to go in a bout many would deem fight of the
night. Right off the bat, he came out and threw a spin to a leaping high kick
that connected flush on Hoxie’s jaw, dropping him to his knees. Lauzon tried to
finish, but his opponent stayed active from his back and avoided punishment.
Lauzon motioned for him to stand up and dropped him again shortly after with a
crisp punch combination, but still could not finish him on the ground. The rest
of the round seemed to go the same as Lauzon dropped Hoxie once more with a
punch before the round ended.


continued to defend well in round two by staying alive off of his back after
Lauzon dropped him twice, once with a punch combination and then again with a
superman punch. This time Hoxie’s nose was cut open and bleeding pretty
heavily. They both got back to their feet and Lauzon dropped him yet again,
this time with a vicious straight left. Hoxie rolled to his back, but this time
Lauzon threw a cartwheel punch/guard pass that rocked him and forced the
referee to stop the fight.


In the main
event, up-and-coming middleweight Mike Campbell looked calm while avoiding Rich
Moskowitz’s offensive attack. Moskowitz looked for a takedown shortly into the
first round that was defended well by Campbell. After getting back to their
feet Campbell rocked Moskowitz with a punch and forced him to cover up and
circle away. Campbell followed him patiently around the ring and then threw a
nice punch combination that floored Moskowitz. Campbell let off a few more
punches to the face of his stunned opponent before the referee intervened and
stopped the bout. At just 25-years-old with a 5-0 record Campbell appears to
have a promising future ahead of him.


One of the
biggest notables of the night was Team Bombsquad’s 205-pound young gun, Jon
Jones. Jones came out and took control right from the start, powering Parker
Porter to the ground effortlessly. He stood up seconds later and allowed for
his opponent to get back to his feet as well. From there he shuffled in closing
the distance and fired off a beautiful punch combination. Parker dropped to the
mat and Jones pounced on him with some more brutal punches before the referee
could push him off of Porter.



Campbell def. Rich Moskowitz by TKO (Due to Strikes) at 1:25, R1



Bermudez def. Chris Grandmaison by Submission (Armbar) at 3:46, R1

-Jon Jones
def. Parker Porter by TKO (Due to Strikes) at 0:36, R1

-Dan Lauzon
def. Brendan Hoxie by TKO (Due to Strikes) at 3:45, R2

-Ken Stone
def. Ethan Keane by TKO (Due to Strikes) at 0:33 of R1

Benoit def. Travis Lerchen by Split Decision, R3



O’Keefe def. Garth Krane by TKO (Due to Strikes) at 3:26, R2

Campbell def. Jose Valentin by TKO (Due to Strikes) at 2:28, R1

Bonnell def. Barrington Douse by Decision, R3

Wesinger def. Jose Lopez by Submission (Omaplata) at 1:01, R1

Stengal def. Chad Hart by Submission (Guillotine) at 2:39, R1

Foster def. Scott Ledoux by Majority Decision, R2

Corrigan def. Ruben Gonzales by TKO (Due to Strikes) at 0:49, R1