Dan Henderson was Ready to Retire After His Last Fight

October 6, 2016

Dan Henderson was prepared to retire following his last fight, a knockout win over Hector Lombard at UFC 199 in June, but he received an offer that he couldn’t refuse. Newly crowned middleweight champion Michael Bisping wanted a chance to avenge his UFC 100 knockout loss to “Hendo,” and Henderson couldn’t turn down a title fight.HendersonBisping5460UFC100.750

“I think before that fight that I made it known that could possibly have been the last fight. The night of the fight, I still had the same mentality that it might be my last fight,” Henderson said about his UFC 199 bout against Lombard.

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“Even a week or so after that fight, I was going to see what my options were about maybe being employed by the UFC outside of the Octagon, and they let us know that they were interested in putting this fight together because of the overwhelming asking from the fans for this fight. Obviously, I couldn’t turn down a title fight,” he said. “I was ready at the last fight to be done.”

The 46-year-old has stated that he plans to hang up the gloves regardless of the UFC 204 outcome, but didn’t completely close the door on a potential title defense if he defeats “The Count” on Oct. 8.

“Eventually, I’ve got to say that I’m done, and really there could be no better ending than to finish on top. I have definitely put my years in. And after 20 years, haven’t you seen enough of me?” he said.

Money doesn’t just talk, it screams, and Henderson is willing to listen if the dollar amount is right.

“I guess everybody has a price, so who knows? I’m not even going to entertain that right now. It’s one of those things that if they really, really have to have me back – I don’t see why they would, but if they really had to – I’m sure they could make me smile somehow, enough to consider it,” he said.

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