Dan Henderson Video: When You Find a Drunk Guy Passed Out on Your Couch

November 3, 2015

Vitor Belfort must really be going to desperate lengths to get into Dan Henderson‘s head en route to their UFC Fight Night 77 headlining trilogy bout on Saturday.

Henderson and his team stepped out of his hotel room to have dinner at the hotel bar — yeah, we know, probably not the healthiest option — only to return to a drunk guy passed out on his couch.

We could only guess it was the work of Belfort or some very emphatic Belfort fan… right?

Probably not, but who the heck wants to sleep one off in Hendo’s room when the H-Bomb could be awaiting when you wake up?!

To the video…

Had a visitor waiting in our room when we got back from dinner #hewantedthehbomb

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