Dan Henderson Says Michael Bisping Will Get ‘His Ass Beat By an Old Man’

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Dan Henderson has made it clear that he wants the next shot at newly crowned UFC middleweight champ Michael Bisping.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Henderson said the UFC is “definitely thinking about” giving him the title shot. It would be a rematch of their epic UFC 100 fight that saw Henderson put Bisping to sleep with an H-bomb-worth right hand.

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This time around, Henderson has extra motivation to show up Bisping by giving the champ a beating from an old-timer.

“It’ll be pretty funny when he yaps his mouth again and ends up getting his ass beat by an old man,” Henderson said.

Henderson added that if he does get the fight, it will be his last in the Octagon, capping off what can be considered a marvelous career.

“Win or Lose it would be my last fight,” he said. “I’m mentally ready to be done.”

Check out the interview by TMZ below.

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