Dan Henderson Plans to Retire After Michael Bisping Fight

July 25, 2016

Win or lose, when Dan Henderson fights Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight championship, it will likely be the last time that we see him in the Octagon.

Henderson recently spoke to SevereMMA.com, and the 45-year-old fighter said that he is mentally prepared to hang up his gloves.

“That is my plan, win or lose, I’m ready mentally to retire,” said Henderson. “My body could still probably go another two, three years, but I’ve put it through enough.

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“I’m ready to take it a little bit easier, but still be involved in mixed martial arts doing something a little bit different than fighting.”

Dan Henderson UFC 100Although the fight with Bisping isn’t a done deal yet, that’s the fight that he and Bisping have said is happening. It’s also the fight that UFC president Dana White said on national television was the plan for Bisping’s first middleweight title defense. It has been targeted for UFC 204, likely in Manchester, England, sometime in October or November.

“We’re gonna do Dan Henderson vs. Mike Bisping. It’s a fight that the champ wants. It’s a fight that the fans want,” White said during the UFC 200  post-fight show on FOX Sports 1. “Hopefully in Manchester. We’re thinking about doing it in Manchester, England.”

The bout is likely to be announced soon.

“I’d expect that it (gets done) relatively soon, possibly in the next couple of days,” said Henderson. “We should be able to get it figured out.I’m waiting to hear the exact date and where, but I’m almost positive it will happen.”

Henderson has been fighting professionally since 1997. He won the UFC 17 middleweight tournament, the Pride welterweight and middleweight championships, and the Strikeforce light heavyweight title. He has also challenged for both the UFC middleweight and light heavyweight belts in the past.

One of the pioneers of the sport, having fought across multiple generations, Henderson decided that it’s time to focus on other areas of his life.

“I’ve been fighting for so long, before my kids were born. It’ll be nice to be able to plan vacations further in advance from now on and spend more times with my kids.”

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