Dan Hardy Talks Boxing And What’s Wrong With The Sport

The MMA world and the boxing world seem to cross paths on a regular basis these days. With James Toney signing with the UFC and Ricardo Mayorga fighting in Shine, the appeal to put boxing and MMA in the same sentence is a topic of conversation quite a bit these days.

A big boxing match took place last weekend in Dallas when arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport Manny Pacquiao defeated Joshua Clottey in what has been regarded as a very lackluster, and unexciting fight.

UFC welterweight contender Dan Hardy weighed in on boxing during a media conference call on Tuesday, where even he as an admitted boxing fan doesn’t like the sport nearly as much these days.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of boxing, I’m really selective about what boxers I watch, and about what fights I watch,” said Hardy.

“I would say probably unfortunately now 50 or 60% of the time I’ve watched a boxing match I’ve been looking forward to, I kind of feel like I’ve been robbed of 45-minutes of my life.”

Hardy talked about the Pacquiao vs. Clottey fight, and the style that bores him in the ring.

“In a boxing ring to a certain extent the boxers can hide,” said Hardy. “Clottey didn’t really want to fight Pacquiao, he didn’t come to win. It was kind of like my fight against (Akihiro) Gono, my first fight in the UFC. The guy didn’t come to win, and they’re not my kind of fights. I really struggle to watch those kinds of people.”

Still, growing up a boxing fan, Hardy likes the sport for certain fighters, but also feels that the excitement and adrenaline surrounding MMA are some of the reasons why the sport is blowing up world wide.

“I like guys who are taking the risks, who are putting their neck on the line,” said Hardy.

“People need to see that intensity in the fight. That’s what boxing’s losing, don’t get me wrong, there’s some fantastic fighters out there, and I’ll always watch the big boxing matches when they come on, but at the end of the show I’m not always happy I’ve watched it.”