by Lee Whitehead – MMAWeekly.com
NOTTINGHAM, England – Cage Warriors on Saturday night rolled into the Harvey Hadden Sports Centre for the final installment of “Enter the Rough House” for 2007 and with it a local crowd intent on getting their last mixed martial arts fix before Christmas.

To kick off the evening, independent fighter Karsten Lenjoint and Chris Trowton from the F’s Freestyle Academy threw down in the first “B Class” Pro rules match of the card. B Class is essentially a modified version of the unified professional rules system minus elbow strikes and heel hooks – a way for fighters to make their tentative first steps from semi-professional without sustaining too much damage.

It was clear that Trowton had some heavy hands on him, courtesy of over 50 ABA boxing matches, but his relative inexperience on the ground coupled to Lenjoint’s fluid hip-work put him in a lot of trouble throughout. After slamming Lenjoint three separate times to escape an armbar submission, he finally succumbed to a tight triangle choke.

Chris Cooper finished the vastly overmatched Svajunas Siaculla in a catch-weight bout between the latter at heavyweight and the former at middleweight. Siaculla looked timid and offered little resistance to Cooper who proceeded to steamroll through his opponent with good knees in the clinch and his solid wrestling base.

It didn’t take much warning from the referee at little over the three-minute mark to stop the action. Siaculla realized he stood little chance of shifting his larger opponent from mount and was beginning to take a serious pounding for his efforts; a comfortable, dominating win for Cooper.

Ross Pearson came, saw and thoroughly dominated Steve Tetley en route to a referee stoppage via ground and pound. Surprisingly, it appeared from early on that a submission was going to be order of the day as he was mounted limpet-like to Tetley’s back following an early takedown, and was diligently looking to set up a rear naked choke.

Following clear instruction from his corner just after the halfway mark, Pearson stepped up a gear and landed a series of short, sharp elbows before Tetley’s guard opened up to allow full punches. Sensing the end, he just hammered away resolutely to pick up the win.

Dean Amasinger picked up the win through the disqualification of Dave Faulkner due to heel hook submission. As detailed before, heel hooks are excluded from B-Class professional rules fights, but Faulkner has been training extensively with the professional fight team at the Wolfslair and instinct kicked in when presented with the appendage. He genuinely seemed apologetic over the mistake and one can only hope that Amasinger didn’t sustain too much damage in the move.

A rematch between the two in the New Year should iron things out, as things were heating up to become a good battle. Faulkner landed a solid high kick in the opening moments of the bout and managed to take his opponent down quite easily with a solid side slam, but Amasinger had just found his position of attack on the ground before the heel hook was applied. We shall see.

Andy Webb went home a disappointed man following the early withdrawal of opponent Brett Healy due to a broken wrist sustained blocking a high kick 15 seconds into the Cage Kickboxing bout.

Lee Livingstone went home with his first professional loss at the hands of opponent Lukasz Les who managed to submit the Rough House Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor via achilles crush following a beautiful set-up from striking guard.

Despite being a solid grappler, Livingstone usually appears to have a solid Muay Thai game. Les clearly wanted to avoid trading with him and his early takedown was testament to the fact. Once down, he worked hard at an early guillotine and a brief omo plata attempt, his slick groundwork keeping him out of striking trouble before the final submission sealed the win.

Mark O’Toole and Chas Jacquier worked off exactly the same game plan for their welterweight encounter trading an armbar and triangle submission apiece before the referee called halt due to strikes in favour of Jacquier.

When asked about the stoppage, O’Toole had this to offer: “I don’t know why it was ruled as a stoppage due to strikes. I went out with his triangle and woke up when he switched to the armbar, not realising where I was, except for being in a lot of trouble. I tapped to the triangle I thought I was still in.”

In what was his final outing in the U.K. before a full season in the International Fight League next year, Jim Wallhead took on perennial MMA traveller Paul Jenkins in a Cage Kickboxing encounter, recording the decision win over the tough Welshman.

Wallhead’s punches looked sharp, snappy and found their mark with precision, but it was Jenkins who appeared to have more power in his punches, although not many of them connected due to Wallhead’s superior head movement. Jenkins was having fun in there anyway, laughing and having a joke with his opponent. But despite the clear level of respect between the two, you knew they both wanted the spoils.

Dan Hardy managed to vent his frustration over last week’s disappointing fiasco at the Cage Force tournament finals by recording a win over the game Manuel Garcia via ground and pound stoppage.

Hardy dominated the clinch work and used surprising presence of mind to bring his opponent down low to the ground, but ensuring that only his feet were connecting, thus allowing him to fire in heavy knee’s to the head of Garcia. Following him down and securing the top position was all the impetus Hardy needed before he set about unloading venomous strikes to force the referee to intervene. He now moves into the New Year off the back of a win, and hopes of a re-arranged fight against Yoshiyuki Yoshida.

Finally, heavyweight Wayne Buck made short work of Victor Aniolek, securing the submission win via Kimura. It will be interesting to see Buck in a bout where he will be pushed outside the opening rounds of the fight, that way we can have a clearer picture of his abilities. Premyslaw Mysiala would provide an interesting match-up for the local fighter.

“B Class” Pro
Karsten Lenjoint def. Chris Trowton by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 4:52, R1
Dean Amasinger def. Dave Faulkner by Disqualification (Heel Hook)

Pro Rules
Chris Cooper def. Svajunas Siacuila by TKO (Strikes) at 3:04, R1
Ross Pearson def. Steve Tetley by TKO (Strikes) at 4:46, R1
Lukasz Les def. Lee Livingstone by Submission (Achilles Crush) at 2:36, R1
Chas Jacquier def. Mark O’Toole by TKO (Strikes) at 4:21, R1
Dan Hardy def. Manuel Garcia by TKO (Strikes) at 2:21, R1
Wayne Buck def. Victor Aniolek by Submission (Kimura) at 0:26, R1

Cage Kickboxing
Jim Wallhead def. Paul Jenkins by Decision, R3
Andy Webb def. Brett Healy by TKO at 0:15, R1