Dan Hardy Inks Deal To Face Marcus Davis

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Marcus Davis had signed to fight in Germany at UFC 99 we have confirmation that UK Welterweight standout Dan Hardy has returned his signed bout agreement, making this one of the most anticipated fights of the card and potential contender for a bonus on the night.

Talking from his adopted home in the U.S., Hardy was excited about the prospect of fighting overseas and being part of the bigger plan held by the UFC to continue its international expansion. “It’s really exciting to be on the first UFC show in Germany. I’m grateful to be a part of the growth of the UFC in Europe.”
Ever since the UFC 95 fight club session with Davis at the helm, there appears to have been an escalating tension between the two in any form of media possible. Davis for his part appeared to be in good spirits about wearing Hardy’s trademark bandana and was in conflict about whom he was rooting for the following night.

“I really don’t know who to pull for in this one. I know Rory (Markham) very well and on one hand I would like him to win, but on the other hand I hear good things about Dan (Hardy) and would love to fight him at some point,” he explained at the time. Ever since then fans and media have jumped on the comments and things have escalated.

“I said a couple of things at the post- fight press conference after my last fight. I meant them to be a little tongue-in-cheek, but it seems to have really upset him. I thought it would be a little more difficult to upset someone of his age, but evidently not,” offers Hardy as a rebuttal to comments made by Davis recently.
However, despite the impact these comments have had on his Maine counterpart, Hardy appears to have a thicker skin. “I respect him as a fighter and he seemed like a decent guy when I met him, but he is awfully sensitive and that could be a problem in a sport like MMA. Let’s just hope he can take punches better than he can take criticism.”
Ultimately, in a situation where two fighters have a passion to square off against each other, irrespective of how it started, the winners will be the fight fans in Germany when the referee let’s them go. “I think that this has all the makings of a Fight of the Night and the fans will be able to feel that in the atmosphere. I’m already really excited about this fight and I know Marcus (Davis) is up for it too,” offers Hardy.
“His time as the Brit-Killer has come to an end.”