Damacio Page Undergoes Neck Surgery; Thankful for UFC Insurance

September 1, 2011

Damacio Page WEC 43

Damacio Page at WEC 43

Damacio Page was obviously disappointed when an injury forced him to pull out of his upcoming bout at UFC 135 against Norifumi ‘Kid’ Yamamoto.

He was even more upset when the nature of the injury was revealed.

Page suffered a neck injury in training that not only forced him out of the fight, but had him undergo surgery to repair the damage done.

According to Page’s manager Jahani Curl of Machi Sports & Entertainment, Page suffered the injury in training and had to have surgery. As of right now there’s no set timeline for his return to action.

If there seems to be a dark cloud to this news, there also happens to be a silver lining.

Because of the new UFC medical insurance that covers fighters under contract to the promotion, Page’s surgery, which according to his manager would have cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 to $30,000, was covered.

The medical insurance kicked in earlier this year and was a revolutionary step for combat sports.

Several fighters have noted how much the insurance has benefited them since its induction, and Page’s case is just the latest on how much medical expenses could cost fighters without coverage.

While Page is forced to the sidelines following his neck surgery, he will be staying in touch with fans doing a bi-weekly blog for MMAWeekly.com and MMAWeekly Radio updating his rehab and recovery as he heads back towards the cage.

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