Damacio Page Trying to Earn His Way Back to the UFC… as a Flyweight

Damacio PageFormer UFC bantamweight Damacio “Angel of Death” Page feels like he has something to prove.

Since his release from the UFC in 2012, Page has taken steps to make it known that he is ready to get back into the big leagues of mixed martial arts.

Wins in three of his last four fights, including his most recent at Legacy FC 31 on June 13 over Elias Garcia, have helped Page not only get back on track, but helped him show his evolution as a fighter.

“We had a game plan and I went out there to be exciting and show people that I have more to my game than just knocking people out,” said Page of his win over Garcia. “We wanted to take him down and show them that I’m superior everywhere.

“I was just really working my ground game on him over the first two rounds, and then my coach told me to go out there and finish him, so that’s what I did in the third round.”

If anything that didn’t go Page’s way at LFC 31, it was the fact that he didn’t face an opponent he feels could have been that last step towards working his way back to the UFC.

“I wish it was against Henry Cejudo, but he had personal issues or whatever you call it, and it is what it is, but I feel like I did enough to punch my ticket,” Page told MMAWeekly.com.

“If Henry makes the UFC before I do, I would love to fight him as my first comeback fight.”

While it’s not clear when he might get his opportunity to return to the UFC, Page feels he’s better than ever and could make a big impact in the flyweight division if given the opportunity.

“I’m back on track, I’ve got my house in order, I’m feeling great, my confidence is back and I’m ready to go,” said Page.

Demetrious Johnson is the champ at 125, and I feel I’ve got what it takes to beat him. He’s a different fighter now (than when we first fought), he’s evolved, but I can beat him up if I make it an ugly fight and don’t let him bounce around like he does.”

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