Daley Gets Visa Last Minute, Has Some Knocking Out To Do

September 7, 2010

Unbeknownst to most, Paul Daley’s upcoming fight with Jorge Masvidal at Saturday’s Shark Fights pay-per-view event was recently hanging by a thread, that all too common thread known as the U.S. Embassy.

Evidently, Daley had been told that his visa, which would allow him entry into the United States for Saturday’s fight, wasn’t going to be back in time.

But what do you know… it came through, just in the nick of time.

“Kept the faith. Wasn’t sure if the fight would happen this weekend vs. Jorge Masvidal at Sharkfights, as the U.S. Embassy said my visa would not be back in time,” Daley posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Good news for me, it arrived today. Bad news for Jorge Masvidal, I’m now flying out to Texas for the sole reason to knock his ass out… and get paid.”