by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Living up to the hype of her championship victory, Cris Cyborg didn’t show any signs of weakness in her first title defense as she dominated and powered through top contender, Marloes Coenen, picking up a 3rd round TKO win.

Cris Cyborg came out with her signature aggressive style, striking at Coenen with looping left and right hands. Regardless of her opponent’s grappling background, Cyborg actually initiated the first takedown, putting Coenen on her back looking for a punching attack from her guard.

Coenen defended well and avoided too much damage, but also did very little to get out from under, or submit the physically intimidating Cyborg.

Cyborg again showed her power in the 2nd round, tagging Coenen with a quick flurry and combination that left her sitting on the canvas. As the Brazilian charged in, Coenen countered with a nice stiff upkick to the body of Cyborg, which stopped the attack. The attack was only subdued for a moment as Cyborg stayed on Coenen like a pitbull, blasting her with punch after punch.

The strength difference in the fight seemed like the biggest factor as Cyborg simply muscled Coenen around in every clinch, and even on the ground keeping the Dutch fighter pinned to the canvas.

As the fight wore on, Coenen could not keep away from the punching power of Cris Cyborg, as every exchange on the ground ended up with Coenen covering up, and trying to avoid damage. With the third round winding down, Cyborg smelled blood in the water and just opened up with a series of punches standing over Coenen, and the referee saw enough to stop the fight.

Following a career-making win over Gina Carano, the 145lb women’s champion didn’t disappoint in her next fight as Cris Cyborg dominated a game opponent in Marloes Coenen.

“I’m very happy, I prepared myself very much, I trained a lot,” a very happy Cris Cyborg said following her first title defense.

Cyborg praised Marloes Coenen, calling her the toughest opponent she’s ever faced.

“She’s got a lot of game in her, she’s has a lot of techniques, and she’s got a great heart,” Cyborg commented. “I’ve admired her from the weigh-in and MMA has a lot to get from her.”

Now the quest begins to find another top opponent to face Cris Cyborg. The name that appears to be at the top of the list is veteran fighter Erin Toughill, but it will take a special opponent to take the title away from the Chute Boxe wrecking machine.