by Ken Pishna – MMAWeekly.com
The California State Athletic Commission today released a statement in regards to Royce Gracie’s recent positive test results concerning his K-1 fight against Kazushi Sakuraba. Initial reports indicated that Gracie had tested positive for Nandrolone, a steroid that occurs naturally in the human body, but did not include detailed information other than the positive result.

Today’s statement answered questions regarding the results being borderline or a false positive. According to the CSAC, they contacted the laboratory that performed the testing and obtained specific, detailed information about the test and results.

The statement read, “A normal person could have a level of 2 ng/mL of Nandrolone that the human body could potentially produce and an athlete that has just completed rigorous physical exercise could have a level of 6 ng/mL.

“We received a written response from the laboratory’s Director of Science and Technology confirming the positive ‘A’ sample and positive ‘B’ sample.

Both samples provided by Mr. Gracie had a level of over 50 ng/mL and we were informed that the level itself was so elevated that it would not register on the laboratory’s calibrator.”

Following initial reports of the positive results, Gracie maintained his innocence, commenting to Sherdog.com Editor Josh Gross that he had taken supplements that are available at GNC, but nothing else and would not consider doing such.

With all of the speculation since the initial reporting of the result, there has been much speculation. CSAC Executive Director Armando Garcia told MMAWeekly, “Yes, the statement [detailing the results] was to answer any question as to whether the test indicated a trace or possibly a false positive.”