by MMAWeekly.com
The California State Athletic Commission on Tuesday issued an updated fight card for the Brawl For It All event scheduled to take place on Oct. 20 at The Cow Palace in San Francisco.

Not an ordinary occurrence, the event’s fight card was released “due to an extensive number of complaints that the Commission has been receiving,” according to CSAC representative Bill Douglas.

He indicated that, “the original card is still being advertised with athletes that will in no way be appearing at the event.”

Fighters that were originally advertised, but will not appear, according to Douglas, include Jeff Monson, Nick Diaz, Mia St. John, Javier Vazquez, and Leland Chapman.

Douglas also stated, “Refunds can be requested if the ticket was purchased with the intent to see a particular star who is no longer appearing. Formal announcements will also be made verbally at the site of the weigh-in and prior to the beginning of the event itself.”

As of late Tuesday evening, the Brawl For It All web site still had Jeff Monson listed on it’s home page as fighting Vince Lucero; but Nick Diaz, Mia St. John, Javier Vazquez and Leland Chapman, had been removed.

According to the CSAC, the Brawl For It All fight card, as of Tuesday, is as follows:

–Vince Lucero vs. Cain Velasquez
–Alex Serdyukov vs. Mark Moreno
–Ruben Villarreal vs. Brad Imes
–Jake Hattan vs. Charles Bennett
–Matt Major vs. Marcus Gaines
–Kyle Rideau vs. Khomkrit Niimi
–Bo Cantrell vs. Bryan Pardoe
–Gabe Rivas vs. Gabe Ruediger
–Van Oscar Penvaroff vs. Eric Jacob
–Shawn Klarcyk vs. Ed Lavelle
–Arron Carvalo vs. Andrew Martinez
–Chris David vs. Michael Pedro