Translated by Mario Cuzic
Cro Cop brings in Remi Bonjanski and Gilbert Yvel to prepare for Kongo.

From http://www.vecernji.hr/newsroom/sports/more/1778600/
index.do(Translated by Mario Cuzic)

After a Shocking loss to Gabriel Gonzaga the strongest Croatian wants to honor his UFC contract so those who gave him $2.4 million for six fights would never regret that decision. Cro Cop has four fights left on his contract and the next will be in England against French striker Cheick Kongo.

To fully understand his opponent Mirko has brought in K-1 champion Remi Bonjanski and excellent striker Gilbert Yvel. Joining them will also be legendary Thai boxing master Ivan Hippolyte.

Mirko says, “I’ve decided to train harder on my stand up , 80%, and 20% on takedown defense. Ground fighting was very important so I neglected Thai boxing. That is why now I’ll be training with the best standup fighter.”

Cro Cop will train with a man who knows Kongo well and had defeated him three years ago. However, Kongo is a better fighter than he was then. Boyanski, a specialist in stand up fighting and a master with knees and kicks will prepare Cro Cop for the task ahead.

A new element to Mirko’s training will be the cage, which he has added to his gym in Croatia. “The cage will be a little smaller than the UFC octagon because those dimentions won’t fit im my gym. It will however be an octagon. I must in the future train in the cage because the cage is not like the ring.” explained Mirko.