by Kakuto.com
It looks as though Mirko Cro Cop is the latest fighter to jump into the movie scene in Japan. Bob Sapp has done well at crossing over, especially in Japan.

Kakuto.com had this article. “Adding to his resume of professional kickboxer, MMA fighter, member of Croatian Parliament, and police officer, Mirko Filipovic will soon debut in his first acting role in “Ultimate Force”.

In this direct-to-DVD release, Filipovic plays Axon Rey, war hero and police officer now working for the government as an assassin. After a failed mission, he is forced to an island called “Gulag 7” for “rehabilitation” where he must face 5 opponents. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but any fan of Cro-Cop knows it will be action packed.

Shot in Croatia and Yugoslavia, “Ultimate Force” is slotted for a September 22nd DVD release date in Japan.