Cro Cop Has One More Fight Before Retiring

Cro Cop at UFC 128

Cro Cop at UFC 128

We may not ever see Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic in the UFC’s Octagon ever again, or any other MMA venue for that matter, but the former Pride Open-Weight Champion will step back in the ring for one final fight.

Ray Sefo on Saturday confirmed, via his Twitter account, that he will face Cro Cop the in what is expected to be the Croatian’s final combat sports match-up on March 10. The bout will be fought on Cro Cop’s home turf in Zagreb, Croatia.

It will also go back to Cro Cop’s roots, as the two will meet under K-1 kickboxing rules. Long before he was a force in mixed martial arts, Cro Cop was perfecting his lethal head kicks in kickboxing.

The promotion presenting the fight is Fight Channel Promotions, a Croatian TV network. It will be a sendoff of sorts, as Cro Cop is expected to retire following the fight.

Amassing a 27-10-2 record in MMA, Cro Cop lost his final three fights under the UFC banner.

Sefo, who is 2-1 in mixed martial arts, has a similar history to Cro Cop’s, first making a name for himself in the K-1 kickboxing world.