Cristiano Marcello Prepares for Bitteti Combat MMA 8, Reflects on Leaving Chute Boxe

December 4, 2010

Cristiano Marcello at Pride Bushido 12

Cristiano Marcello at Pride Bushido 12

Former Chute Boxe fighter Cristiano Marcello is set to take part of Bitteti Combat 8, which takes place Saturday night in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Originally scheduled for a rematch with Alejandro Solano Rodriguez, Marcello now prepares for Guido Caneti after Rodriquez had to withdraw from the bout. Either way, it doesn’t matter for who he fights; Marcello is prepared for fights on all fronts.

“Not many things have changed in my training, because I always train for all fight styles so that I am prepared for any situation,” he told “What changes a little is the emphasis on strategy that varies according to each opponent. Basically, I have three training sessions per day that include MMA, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, and Greco-Roman wrestling and fitness.”

Since leaving Chute Boxe, Marcello has started his own school, The CM System, and begun to pave his own path in the sport. In just a short amount of time, fighters out of the new school have built a competitive win-loss record with fights in several divisions.

“The CM System is a relatively new gym, but has shown much potential and talent in just one year and five months of operation,” he said. “During that time, our fighters have already had over 140 fights with 90 percent of them as victories. Many of our athletes are considered among the best in their class in Brazil and I believe we will soon be popping up in major events worldwide.”

Not only does Marcello concentrate on his own career as a fighter, but he also holds his students and their careers in the highest regard. When talking about his goals in 2011, Marcello explained that he hopes to “continue winning,” and and to have CM System athletes perform not only in his home country of Brazil, but all over the world.

“The future is bright because I have a lot of quality young athletes for this sport,” he said.

And as far as a fighter?

“I have a great desire to return to fight in America,” Marcello said. “That is my main goal as a fighter for the next year.”

As far as fighting styles go, Marcello came from the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu system, and he’s adapted a ton of that training into what he teaches his students today. He says he goes back to his roots when facilitating this adaptation.

“I do think Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is the most pure, without complicated positions,” he said about his background. “The main goal in jiu-jitsu is to submit the opponent. My style today is CM System, which in its essence incorporates a lot of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Following eight years coaching the best strikers in the world, I had to adapt that art, combining my jiu-jitsu coaching and aggressive striking for the MMA world.”

(For more information on Cristiano Marcello and his school, visit his website and find CM System on Facebook.)