Cris Cyborg Struggling to Make Weight; Argues with Nutritionist Over Birth Control

September 20, 2016

Cris Cyborg, on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour, revealed that she still had 25 pounds to cut by Friday to make the 141-pound limit for her catchweight bout with Lina Lansberg. The bout is on Saturday, but she must make weight Friday morning in Brasilia.

On Tuesday morning, The MMA Hour host Ariel Helwani tweeted that Cyborg was still 19 pounds away from the mark, leaving her roughly 72 hours to make weight.

Cris Cyborg - StrikeforceThis isn’t the first time that Cyborg has had a tough time making weight. In fact, even in the class she holds the Invicta FC championship, featherweight, she has a hard time getting down to the 145-pound limit. Extracting another four pounds from her body merciless, as we can see in a video of Cyborg painfully cutting weight to make the 141-pound limit in her UFC debut in May.

Will she make it? Only time will tell, and this is the first time since early official weigh-ins were instituted by the UFC that she has had to make weight.

In the first of her #UFCBrasilia video blogs, Cyborg is obviously concerned about making weight, and is shown arguing with her nutritionist, George Lockhart, over his advice that she take birth control pills.

“Something I did different in this camp, is to take birth control. I don’t know why I take this, we were successful last fight,” Cyborg said on The MMA Hour. “It was really hard but we did. But George had a plan and he say you take this birth control and now I am 168. I wake up 165 (on Monday).”

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As long as she makes weight, Saturday will be Cyborg’s first UFC headlining bout. Stay tuned, as will keep you posted as Cyborg struggles to drop to 141 pounds by Friday.

(Courtesy of Cris Cyborg)

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