Cris Cyborg No Longer Believes Ronda Rousey Fight Will Ever Happen

When it was announced that former women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was returning to the Octagon on Dec. 30 against current titleholder Amanda Nunes, UFC president Dana White stated that if Rousey wins, there would eventually be a super-fight between her and Cris “Cyborg” Justino.

A bout between the two has been talked about since they both held titles in different divisions while in the defunct Strikeforce promotion in 2012. Cyborg has aggressively sought the match-up for years, but now believes it’s never going to happen.

“Everyone wants the biggest women’s fight in the Octagon ever to happen, but Dana cannot do this because, not because he doesn’t want (it), but probably because he cannot force Ronda Rousey to fight, the same way he cannot force Conor McGregor to fight Jose Aldo again. He cannot force Ronda to fight Holly Holm again. I don’t believe it anymore,” Justino recently told

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“I don’t think he can force Ronda Rousey to fight. I don’t think the fight can happen,” she added. “I already did five fights under contract with the UFC, and I did two fights at 140 (pounds) to open the door for this, for the opportunity for (this fight with Rousey) to happen. But, it won’t happen. I don’t believe it anymore. You want the guy who never wanted women to fight in the cage to promote the biggest event ever between two women?”

Ronda Rousey and Cris CyborgDespite White saying the fight will happen and that Rousey wants it, Cyborg doesn’t think the UFC truly wants the bout to take place.

“I’ll leave this question for the fans: do you think the UFC wants this girl who they’ve said is the best in the world to lose to me?” she asked.

Cyborg’s last two fights have been in the UFC at a 140-pound catchweight. She struggles to make 140 pounds and doesn’t plan on fighting at a catchweight anymore unless it’s a superfight.

“They said they wanted to do the biggest fight ever with me and Ronda, but after looking at what has happened… I’ve had five fights for them and the UFC has not promoted me, they have not done one interview for me, all interviews I’ve done by myself. I emailed them, asked for the opportunity, and then they laughed at me,” she said.

“I had the hardest cut ever for 140 last time. I’m not going to make 140 again for (expletive) fights.”

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