September 30, 2010

Donald Cerrone Jamie Varner WEC 51

Donald Cerrone battles Jamie Varner at WEC 51

It’s quite apparent that Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has never heard the phrase “revenge is a dish best served cold.” In the mother of all grudge matches, Donald Cerrone exacted his revenge with an emotional charge leading the way as he dominated Jamie Varner on his way to a unanimous decision win on Thursday night.

Sometimes when too much anger clouds a fighter’s mind heading into a fight, it can backfire in the worst way, but it lit a whole new fire under Cerrone, who was fighting in his home state of Colorado as well. Coming out of the gate like a bull charging a matador, Cerrone lit Varner up with devastating power, dropping the former champion twice in the opening round.

In a big exchange during the first five minutes, Cerrone rocked Varner with a huge knee strike, but the former champion was able to recover, but just never got his timing right during the fight.

Using his reach advantage, Cerrone clocked Varner time and time again with his lead punch, mixing in a few kicks, and actually showing off his new and improved wrestling, taking his opponent down several times during the fight.

With Varner’s face a bloody mess at the end, there was no doubt that Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone got the best of the rivalry in round two. Following the win, Cerrone quickly offered up round three to take place in Varner’s home state later this year.

“Jamie, you asked for a rematch in Arizona, I’d be much obliged to give that to you,” Cerrone said after the win.

With such a heated rivalry for the past almost 2 years, Cerrone and Varner seemingly would have buried the hatchet after another instant classic, but the Colorado fighter was quick to put water on that idea.

“Hell no, no way,” Cerrone answered when asked if the score with Varner was settled. “I want to be one up on him, I’m going to even the score.”

Varner paid Cerrone a compliment for coming in a much better fighter for their second go round, and he gladly accepted a third fight between the two lightweights, possibly in December at WEC 53.

“Arizona is my hometown, gave you guys one hell of a fight here, I wouldn’t mind settling the score there,” Varner shouted.

Hate may fuel the rivalry between Cerrone and Varner, but ultimately it was skill shown in the cage on Thursday night. If you’re scoring at home, it’s Cerrone – 1, Varner – 1. Who’s ready for round 3?