by Mitch Gobetz – MMAWeekly.com

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is finally going to get his shot at
the World Extreme Cagefighting lightweight title against Jamie “The Worm”
Varner.  Cerrone is a perfect 9-0
in his mixed martial arts career and a title shot is the next logical
progression for the Colorado native.


He has been on a tear through the lightweight division,
beating everyone impressively. 
Eight of his nine victories have come by way of submission, five by
triangle choke. 


The most recent fight of Cerrone’s
was a Fight of the Year candidate between himself and “Razor” Rob
McCullough.  Both fighters showed
incredible tenacity and exhibited great heart as they threw down for 15 minutes.  If it were up to Cerrone, he’d love to
have fights like that every time.


“I think that’s the best kind of fight ever,” Cerrone said
in an interview with MMAWeekly Radio. “I’d do that every
time.  To me, if someone is willing
to draw a line in the ring and go toe to toe, that’s it.  That’s fighting bro.  I’ll take a submission any day.  But if Varner wants to stand there and
draw a line and go toe-to-toe and blast-for-blast, I’m game.  I love that.  That’s fighting to me.”


Cerrone credits his fantastic team for his strong
performances inside the cage. 
Being a product of Greg Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts, he believes that
he is twice the fighter he once was. 
“When I first started, the big guys would just trash me.  I wouldn’t even have a chance.  Now, I can hang with them. It feels
great being on the same level as those guys.”


In fact, Cerrone is finishing up training with the UFC
welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre up in Montreal.  But that’s just the way Jackson’s team
is.  They help all of their
fighters train for every fight to the best of their ability.


“Georges is part of our team and our whole team is up
here.  We’re like a floating
team.  Ever since the first day I
walked into Jackson’s, it was like that. 
Everyone is really inviting,” he explained.


On top of all of the training, is the man with the game
plan, Greg Jackson who Cerrone believes is a genius.  “One of the smartest guys I know.  Intellectually, he boggles me.”


Varner is on a hot streak of his own though and looks to foil
Cerrone’s shot. 
Varner has finished his last three opponents, including the man that
Cerrone couldn’t finish, Rob McCullough. 
He has excellent striking and wrestling and poses many threats to


However, Cerrone doesn’t seem to be too rattled by it and
looks at this fight like it was any other opponent.  “I look at every fight the same.  It doesn’t matter if I’m fighting Jamie or B.J. Penn.  A fight is a fight to me.  I’m excited that he’s a game
opponent.  I look at every opponent
the same.  I have a lot of respect
for Jamie himself.”


With the way that both of these top-notch competitors have
been fighting recently, this has the potential to be a real barnburner that could
go either way.  Both fighters have
a varied arsenal to back up their solid fundamental skills.  If Varner takes it to the ground,
Cerrone has strong jiu-jitsu abilities. 
If it stays standing, they both have good hands.  Either way, Cerrone is ready for
wherever the fight ends up.


“If he wants to go to the ground, let’s go to the ground,” he
stated.  “He wants to stay
standing, let’s stay standing.  I
don’t care.”


"Cowboy" Cerrone WEC 38 Pre-Fight Interview