Could Alves vs Swick Be On Deck?

After a very impressive performance dispatching of Jonathan Goulet at the UFC “Fight for the Troops” show on Wednesday night, Mike Swick vaulted one step closer towards a top contender’s spot in the welterweight division, but could his next fight involve a shot at Thiago Alves?

The speculation begins with Alves, who defeated Josh Koscheck in October, but as the #1 conteder for the welterweight title he would likely sit out for the better part of 8 or 9 months waiting for the winner of GSP and B.J. Penn to be ready to fight again after their Jan 31 showdown.

UFC president Dana White said during a “Q&A” session on Tuesday that Alves would be facing the winner of GSP/Penn, but a fight between Swick and Alves could be a big fight for early 09′.

Rumors of the fight began to circle almost immediately after Swick finished off Jonathan Goulet, and a fight against Alves was the talk in Fayetteville following the event.

Alves spoke to MMAWeekly Radio after his win over Koscheck, admitting that it’s very tough for him to stay out of fights for very long.

“I don’t really know because that’s something inside of me that I can’t stay still for too long,” Alves said. “I have to punch somebody, I have to get in a fight.”

“I don’t mind waiting, I don’t mind doing another fight, but my manager and my camp don’t want me to fight. They want me to fight for the title, so whatever they want me to do.”

Stay tuned to the MMAInsider as more information becomes available on this potential fight.