by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Some of the greatest stories that have ever happened in the sport of mixed martial arts have been the upsets when underdogs overcome the odds and take out the heavy favorite. From Matt Serra finishing Georges St. Pierre to Gabriel Gonzaga knocking out Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, the upset has become a staple of great MMA action.

The next fighter who will hope to add his name to the list of upset victors is Canadian heavy hitter Patrick Cote, who faces middleweight and widely regarded pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva this Saturday night in Chicago for the UFC 185-pound divisional title.

While the odds are stacked against Cote going into the fight, he remains calm and doesn’t care what the “experts” say only what he will do in the Octagon.

“I don’t care about the odds,” Cote said recently on MMAWeekly Radio. “It’s just better for my friends, and everybody who believes in me will put money on me and they will be a lot richer after the fight.”

The former TKO champion also points out that the only real pressure going into the fight is what he is putting himself through, while Silva has the entire world watching for his performance in the title defense.

“To be the underdog, I don’t have a lot of pressure, but I put a lot of pressure on myself,” Cote stated. “All the pressure is on Anderson Silva because everybody sees him as invincible, but he has been beaten before and that can happen again.”

What Cote has done to get himself ready for the chance to beat Silva is go to work with world-renowned trainer Mark DellaGrotte and his team at Sityodtong in Boston. Working with the famous coach and his tremendous team have given Cote all the tools he believes necessary to snatch the 185-pound crown off of Silva’s head.

“We know exactly what we need to do to beat him, now I just have to do it,” Cote said calmly.

Since entering the UFC, Anderson Silva’s performances could almost take a page from the video game series “Mortal Kombat” as he almost always pulls off a flawless victory. But it’s his intimidating style and electrifying wins that Cote believes defeats most fighters before they ever step into the cage with him.

“I think that everybody that fought him in the past was already the loser before the fight because they were too intimidated by Anderson Silva, by his reputation, and all the skills,” Cote stated. “The difference with me is I don’t care. My mind is my number one skill. I’ll go in there; I’ll go throw with him.

“My first fight in the UFC I fought Tito Ortiz on four days notice. At this time, Tito Ortiz was probably the most intimidating big guy in the MMA industry so I ain’t scared of him, so I’ll go there and I’ll do my stuff.”

The fight with Silva will definitely bring Cote’s UFC career full circle after losing the shot at fighting the champion previously, when he was submitted by Travis Lutter in the finals of “The Ultimate Fighter” season 4. Cote has said that the loss to Lutter was the low point in his career, but he is ready to add the greatest accomplishment of his career on Saturday if he is able to defeat Silva.

“After (going) 0-4 in the UFC to have a title fight in just only a year and a half, it’s amazing,” said Cote. “I have always believed in myself and I’ve had some bad luck in the past, but everyone has to start somewhere and it’s my time now.”