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“It wont be long that people in India would forsake cricket and adopt MMA as their new spectator sport” said Daniel Isaac , promoter of Clash of the Champions III – Indias most prestigious MMA event – while he was being interviewed by the Zee TV National news team after the closing ceremony of the finals event on the 28th of Jan

In the packed indoor stadium area of Tigers Gym the noise of the crowd was deafening as the local hero Samson “The Cobra” Joseph made his spectacular entry and then stopped to give a shout out to his opponent Shafiqur “Superkick” Rehman Shaikh [who had already entered the ring].The Cobra declared amidst all his fans that Superkick would be finished off in no time.Superkick on the other hand was cool throughout all this drama – he had his usual ‘cold’ and unflinching look while entering the ring and had a bit of a smirk while the Cobra started to challenge him.Although Superkick is much shorter in height than the Cobra , both fighters looked awesome in the ring [while the referee gave them their last minute instructions] , both of them looked like they had been through some super grueling conditioning during their preparation for this fight.

At last years COTC II event the Cobra defeated leigh butler of the United Kingdom to claim the COTC welterweight title and at the same event Superkick succesfuly defended his COTC Asian MMA Title.So now it was time to go to war as COTC World Champion would be challenged by COTC Asian Champion.

The Cobra began his assault by lashing out at superkick with his trademark high head kick .Superkick , as if he almost knew what was coming took all the impact of the kick on his left hand.A few seconds later superkick shot down towards the cobra – lifting him off his feet and slamming him to the ground and then following up with the worst set of right hand downward punches he had ever seen.What happened next is yet to be understood – the referee seemed to think superkick was using an illegal technique to pin the cobra down and stopped superkick from finishing off the cobra , made them both to stand to their feet again and go them both to continue.In round two he cobra tried to make a comeback but he never seemed to have recovered from those devasting first round punches.He tried to attack superkick with his muay thai body and leg kicks but the match was already over – when they went to the ground the cobra seemed to be in a daze – superkick took him into a rear naked choke and then went for his ‘infamous’ armbar – the cobra tried to use his armbar defence but superkick had a counter prepared just for that before long the cobras corner threw in the towel.To the shock of all the MMA fans in the indoor stadium the Cobra ACTUALLY lost to Superkick.Chief Promoter of the COTC event and MMA pioneer promoter in India Daniel Isaac said “This was the Cobras first MMA defeat in 2 years and Superkick was the absolute deserving winner of this fight , The Win was clear and superkicks gameplan worked out well for him , infact if I was the referee of the fight I would have stopped the fight when Superkick gained the full mount and pounded the Cobra with those devastating punches”.

Superkick joined “Tigers Gym” in 2004 and set up branches in Bombay city soonafter.He has a very strong background in Judo and Kickboxing and thanked his trainer and promoter Daniel Isaac along with the COTC organization for giving him this opportunity to fight and win the prestigious COTC World Welterweight MMA Title.According to the COTC contract rules The Cobra will get an opportunity to ask for a rematch 3 months after 28th Jan and Superkick would have to defend the title and may only opt not to defend the title on genuine medical reasons.

Vishal “Cyclone” Balkawde of India defeated Bardia Mahdavi of Iran in the Heavyweight division , this was however a non title match and Cyclone moved up to

NO. 1 contender in the COTC Heavyweight rankings.Alan “The Bull” Fenandes who was last years heavyweight champion has dropped weight to join the cruiserweight rankings and thus the heavyweight division is now vacant.Cylcone has asked for a Heavyweight Title match at the next COTC event.In the Kickboxing Heavyweight Division Owesi Esfani , the 6 and a half foot hard hitter from Iran won with first round Ko in the main event bout.The success of this years COTC MMA event and encouraged the promoters and sponsors of this Indian MMA event to begin plans for a 3 event in a year schedule beginning from 2007.

News Report submitted by COTC Media co-ordinators