Cory Sandhagen Thinks RFA 43 Opponent Clay Wimer is Someone He Can KO

September 9, 2016

While he’s been fighting as a professional for just over a year, featherweight up and comer Cory Sandhagen has actually been involved in MMA for some time.

“Since I was a teenager I’ve been doing MMA,” Sandhagen told “I took a lot of time off, so I always knew my skills were a lot further than my experience and the record that I have.

“Since I’ve been fighting so much this year, I think it’s getting better every single time. I’ve been able to open up a little bit more striking. Striking in MMA gloves is a lot different than big gloves; which still took me a little to figure it out; but I’m figuring it out and everything’s getting a lot better.”

After turning pro in May of 2015, Sandhagen has faced increasingly more experienced competition, capping off with a win over nearly 30-fight veteran Josh Huber in July.

“I really have no problems fighting really tough guys,” said Sandhagen. “I want to be in the UFC. I want to get that call as soon I can. That’s why I’ve been taking tough fights. The next one is going to be a tough one, and the one after that, and the one after that until I’m in the show.”

After a couple months off, Sandhagen (4-0) returns to the Resurrection Fighting Alliance on September 9 in Broomfield, Colorado, to take on Clay Wimer (6-1) in a main card 145-pound bout.

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“I know that he’s tough and likes to go,” Sandhagen said of Wimer. “His jiu-jitsu is pretty good; he’s got a long body, I think he’s like 6’2”; he uses that well in his jiu-jitsu. Striking-wise he doesn’t use his reach too well. He does an okay job wrestling, but I don’t think he takes shots too good.

“I think if it’s a 15-minute fight, I can catch him pretty good one or two times, and if it’s clean enough, this could be someone I can knockout in this fight.”

Having previously fought in the RFA in January, Sandhagen expects to have a better performance the second time around now that he’s used to fighting for the promotion and has more experience under his belt.

“I would say when the lights are on a little brighter, you definitely notice them a little bit more,” he said. “I think it’s going to go a lot better this time.

“I’ve already fought for the RFA, I’ve already fought for titles, I’ve already fought on TV, so as far as this fight goes I’m way more comfortable than I was the first time I fought for RFA.”

Having been very busy already in 2016, Sandhagen would like to take a little bit of time off, but fully expects to get in at least one more bout to close out the year.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a quick turnaround, but I’m looking forward to fighting again,” said Sandhagen.

“This entire year I’ve been in a fight camp it feels like, with the exception of a week off here and there, so after this I’m going to take a couple weeks off, see how I feel, and maybe get another camp going in October or November.”

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