Cornerman Vaults the Cage to Save Unconscious Fighter from the Ref (Video)

September 26, 2017

There are bad stoppages and then there are non-stoppages. The first could simply be a judgement call, but the latter can border on criminal.

That’s where we find the following clip, bordering on criminal.

Referees certainly have a difficult job, but at this recent Capanema Fight Combat bout, the referee certainly deserved a heavy dose of criticism for not stopping the fight.

When Silmar “Sombra” Nunes landed the choke on Caio “Paturi” Robson Silva, the ref appeared to be doing a fair job of getting in the right position to see if Silva was conscious. He checked Silva’s leg and let the fight continue, but then the inexplicable happened.

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The referee lifted Silva’s arm and when he released it, the arm dropped limp. When he didn’t stop the fight at that point, apparently one of Silva’s teammates or cornermen jumped the cage fence to stop the fight. 

Chaos of course erupted, but Nunes didn’t appear to hold any ill will at the interference, as he immediately jump up to check on his opponent.

What in the world was this referee thinking?

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