Cornerman Punches Norman Parke After Fight Ends Because of Eye Poke at KSW 40 (Video)

Well, that didn’t go as planned. 

Norman Parke and Mateusz Gamrot rematched at KSW 40 on Sunday in Dublin, Ireland, but things disintegrated quickly when the fight ended because of an eye poke. 

Gamrot landed a low blow and an eye poke in the opening round, and then landed another eye poke in the second round. At that point, the fight was stopped and deemed a no contest. 

Although that would seem to be bad enough, tempers flared after the fight an all hell broke loose. 

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Parke had words with one of Gamrot’s cornerman and then shoved him. Immediately after the shove, another of Gamrot’s cornermen punched Parke, a former UFC fighter, in the neck.

Here’s the eye poke that ended the fight…

And here’s Parke’s altercation with the cornermen after the fight…

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