Corey Hill Promises XFC Title Win on Friday Night

August 3, 2012

Corey Hill UFC 86Just about a week and a half before former Ultimate Fighter 5 alum Corey Hill was to challenge for the XFC welterweight title, his original opponent for the bout dropped out. While a late change in a title match-up may throw some fighters off their game, not so for him says Hill.

“There were some slight adjustments made, but in our training, we focus on our strong points and what we do well,” said Hill. “So there were some slight changes, but nothing significant enough to stop the fight.

“I assume everyone I fight is the best I’ve ever fought. So when you train with that mentality it makes it easier to have these late changes/substitutions. I train for world champions either way.”

On Friday night, Hill will now be facing Mike Bronzoulis for the XFC 170-pound title in Charlotte, N.C. For Hill, the bout is an opportunity to showcase some things he’s been working hard on to complement his already solid ground game.

“He’s a tough guy who’s been around the block and it should be great fireworks,” said Hill of Bronzoulis. “Hopefully it will come down to skill set and the fans will see who is better on Aug. 3.

“It’s no secret the high level wrestling we possess, but we’ve been working strictly on some serious boxing, some range-finding boxing, and have a complete game plan. We’re looking forward to going out there and seeing it all pay off.”

When asked if getting a chance to headline a show broadcast live on AXS Television increases his motivation, Hill replied, “It definitely does. I have to thank the XFC for giving me an opportunity to headline a show like this.”

Having found success at welterweight, Hill wants to be methodical in his career as to avoid pitfalls he may have had earlier on.

“We’re going very slow to keep that undefeated streak at 170 and get those notches on our belt,” said Hill. “We’re going to take them as they come. The XFC is going to set them up and God willing we’re going to knock them down.”

Of course, the added benefit of having a title would make that all the sweeter in Hill’s eyes.

“If you’re not fighting to be a champion in an organization, you’re wasting your time,” he said. “We want to be the best in the XFC.

“Anybody who wants that belt is going to have to fight Corey Hill for it, and it’s not going to be an easy fight; I can promise you that. We will be the XFC champion at 170 – I will win that belt – so anybody who wants a shot at it, come get it.”

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