Conor McGregor vs. Robbie Lawler? Let’s Not Do That for McGregor’s Sake

February 16, 2016

As men, (well most of us, anyway), we love collisions. We love explosions. And we love ass-kickings.

It’s why we love Die Hard. It’s why we thrill over The Fast and the Furious. And it’s why we laugh at the story of Marion “Suge” Knight dangling Vanilla Ice by the heels over the balcony to extort money out of him.

We like watching the bad guys, the dorks, and the phonies, get theirs in the form of a Junkyard Dog “Thump” body slam.

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So when I heard that Conor McGregor was doing his best to make Cam Newton look about as manly as Woody Allen by comparison, by threatening to move up yet another weight division to fight Robbie Lawler, I screamed nearly as loud as when Von Miller knocked “Superman” to the ground like a house of cards.

Lawler’s left hand, meet McGregor’s right cheek. McGregor meet Jesus.

That’s a special kind of arrogance. Fortunately that fight would never happen because McGregor is going to have a hard time getting past Rafael Dos Anjos. But if it did take place, it would look something like this.

He dead.

There’s a reason that Roberto Duran, who was probably an all-around better fighter than Thomas “Hitman” Hearns, was out before he hit the ground; he was a lightweight fighter who could not handle a middleweight punch. To be fair, Hearns probably could have knocked out Andre The Giant with the heavy right hand of his. But still, WEIGHT CLASSES MATTER. You can push it a little bit, but getting hit by Lawler would be a lot different than getting hit by Jose Aldo (although, yes, we know that never happened).

McGregor is great for the sport. MMA needs better talkers. There’s a reason why professional wrestling kills MMA in every measurable way when it comes to revenue. Pro wrestlers know how to talk and entertain. Most MMA fighters don’t know how to entertain. But with McGregor there’s fine line between talking and trolling, and McGregor is only fooling himself if he thinks he could defeat Lawler or any other Top 10 welterweight. McGregor knows he doesn’t want to be hanging upside down outside the MGM Grand Garden.

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