Conor McGregor Video Surfaces Continuing His Tirade Outside Bellator 187 Arena

(Courtesy of Ballsdotie)

After Conor McGregor jumped the cage at Bellator 187, shoved the referee, rescaled the cage and slapped a Bellator official, he was escorted from 3Arena in Dublin.

McGregor, however, wasn’t done with referee Marc Goddard in the cage. 

Caught on camera outside the arena, McGregor continued to blast Goddard, whom he referred to as a “rat.” McGregor recounted his recollection of the incident, continuing to rail on the referee, seeming to enjoy being ejected from the event.

TRENDING > Commission Rep Says Conor McGregor Assaulted Referee, is in Talks With UFC

Commission official Mike Mazzulli, who was overseeing the regulation of the event, issued a statement on Saturday, defining McGregor’s actions as “assault,” saying that he was pursuing the matter with UFC’s upper management and the Association of Boxing Commissions. 

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