Conor McGregor: Too Much Disrespect and Maybe I Won’t Follow the Rules

The Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather press tour frequently flirted with the boundaries of no physical interaction, particularly when McGregor dropped a shoulder shrug on Mayweather and when Mayweather had his crew surround McGregor on stage.

The two know that if anything too serious happened during the press tour, one of the biggest paydays in combat sports history – for sure, McGregor’s biggest payday – would disappear into the either. Neither was all that likely to cross the line. 

But when the talk gets heated, the sparks start flying, and that line gets shifted around a bit. 

McGregor talked to MMAWeekly about his intent with the shoulder shrug after admitting to another reporter that if Mayweather showed him “a little too much disrespect… maybe I won’t follow the rules on fight night.”

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