Conor McGregor: ‘This is not over,’ UFC 264 loss was a ‘doctor’s stoppage!’

Hardly anyone wanted the UFC 264 main event to end the way it did. Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier hoped to put a definitive stamp on their trilogy, but it didn’t happen. Yes, Poirier won the fight via TKO stoppage. But it came by way of a McGregor injury that couldn’t exactly be credited to Poirier’s offense.

As Poirier and McGregor exchanged toward the end of round one, McGregor set his foot down, his lower leg snapping as he did so. Following the end of the round, the doctor recommended the fight stoppage.

Conor McGregor suffer broken leg at UFC 264

Conor McGregor was adamant that the end was due to a doctor’s stoppage

Though he suffered an Anderson Silva-esque injury to end the fight, McGregor wanted it to be known far and wide that the doctor stopped the fight.

Conor McGregor leaves UFC 264 on a stretcher

When all was said and done, McGregor left the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on a stretcher.

UFC 264 Results: Dustin Poirier gets doctor’s stoppage victory after Conor McGregor snaps ankle