Conor McGregor tells Charles Oliveira to go back to the favela after call-out

Charles Oliveira might not be the reigning lightweight champion anymore but he’s taking shots on Twitter like he is.

On Tuesday morning the former champion, who was stripped after missing weight, despite winning what would have been his title defense, took to Twitter to propose a record-breaking night.

“Just for the record, I like to break records and I want to break another one… Fighting twice in same night. I can knock Conor out, and make Dias tap,” he tweeted. “What do you think @danawhite?”

McGregor, who knows a thing or two about breaking records, replied to the tweet writing, “Shut up you bum and get back to that favela and pay your piece.”

Nothing about this tweet is really all that shocking coming from McGregor.

At the post-fight presser White wasn’t convinced McGregor was ready to return to the Octagon just yet and was hesitant to say who either man would fight next.