Conor McGregor Seemingly Responds to Floyd Mayweather Shooting Down UFC Rumors

December 20, 2017

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor apparently heard about the rumors that Floyd Mayweather was in talks to fight inside the Octagon before quickly denying those claims and saying he had no intention to ever compete in mixed martial arts.

The rumor mill began swirling on Wednesday when UFC president Dana White revealed that the promotion had been in talks with Mayweather’s team about a potential transition from the boxing ring to the Octagon.

A few hours later, Mayweather quickly shut the door on those rumors by saying that he never actually planned on fighting in the UFC — only that he could and make a billion dollars over the course of just a few fights.

Well the tease that Mayweather might be interested in fighting in the UFC seemingly landed on McGregor’s desk because he dropped a one word response after hearing that the 50-0 boxer didn’t actually plan on fighting in MMA.

While he didn’t mention Mayweather by name, it’s easy to see where McGregor was going with this message on Twitter.

There’s little doubt McGregor would have been frothing at the mouth for a chance to face off with Mayweather in an MMA bout after falling to him by 10th round TKO earlier this year in their boxing match.

Throughout the lead up to their fight, McGregor taunted Mayweather that if they actually fought in the UFC that he would make short work of the boxer and for a split second it appeared that he might get his chance.

Now that’s obviously not happening and McGregor definitely let Mayweather hear about it.