Conor McGregor Says UFC Isn’t Fooling Nobody with Those Fake Belts

Conor McGregor etched his name forever in the record books at UFC 205 by becoming the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts in different weight divisions at the same time.  He walked through Eddie Alvarez to win the lightweight title to go along with his featherweight strap.  It had never been done before, and only two other fighters: Randy Couture and BJ Penn, had earned the accolade of two-division UFC champion. 

On Nov. 27, the UFC announced that McGregor had relinquished his 145-pound title.  But McGregor insisted at a recent question and answer session in Ireland that he didn’t agree to give up any belt. 

“They’re trying to strip me and I was like, ‘Well, I ain’t stripped. I still got that belt, that belt is still at ho04 Conor McGregor UFC 205 Post 750x370me right now.’ I’m still the two-weight world champion. Someone has got to come take that off me. I see articles, I see stuff online, but I don’t see the belt not in my presence. The belt is right there, there’s two world titles in my home,” he said. 

McGregor knocked out former featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 194 in 13 seconds to earn the 145-pound world title.  He ended Aldo’s decade-long winning streak last December, but had his eyes set on doing what hadn’t been done before. 

McGregor’s next fight was to be for the lightweight title against then-champion Rafael dos Anjos in the UFC 196 main event.  Dos Anjos was forced out of the bout due to injury, and Nate Diaz agreed to step in on ten-days notice.  The fight took place at 170-pounds, and McGregor suffered his first UFC loss.  A rematch was set for UFC 200, but a dispute over media obligations between McGregor and the fight promotion led to the fight being postponed until UFC 202.

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McGregor insisted on the rematch taking place at 170-pounds, the same weight as their first fight.  He avenged the loss, winning by unanimous decision.  Defeating Diaz in the rematch didn’t just get back a previous loss for McGregor, it got his career path back to where it was before dos Anjos pulled out of UFC 196. 

McGregor won the lightweight title over Alvarez on Nov. 12.  While he was fighting outside of the 145-pound division, Aldo became the interim champion at UFC 200 by defeating Frankie Edgar.  His interim status was elevated to the champion when the fight promotion stripped McGregor of the belt.  

The move to force McGregor to give up the 145-pound title came after light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was forced to withdraw from the UFC 206 main event, leaving the Dec. 10 pay-per-view without a title fight.  Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis now headline the fight card for the interim featherweight title.  McGregor says they’re fighting for a ‘fake’ belt.         

“Eddie (Alvarez) is still unconscious, what do you mean? I only fought last week. Them belts are mine. Whatever they want to say, and they can say, ‘Oh, we took the belt and now it’s this guy’s belt.’ You can play with those fake belts all you want,” said McGregor.  

“Jose was KO’ed. Eddie was KO’ed. You’re looking at the two-weight world champion and that’s it. I’ll say to the UFC, and I love the company, you’re fooling nobody, you’re fooling nobody with that,” he added. 

Titles are won inside the cage, and McGregor will consider himself the featherweight and lightweight champion until someone ‘takes’ a title from him. 

“But best of luck to them, I still got them belts. Someone’s got to come take those belts off me, physically, not online, not through a keyboard. The keyboard warriors trying to take them belts; you got to take them belts off me physically if you want to come get them.”

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