Conor McGregor says he’s fighting for lightweight title when he returns ‘Deal with that’

Conor McGregor is the most talked-about man in combat sports and the discussion right now is ‘who will he fight’ when he returns.

But McGregor has already answered that question for us.

“Hi lads, here goes.. clicks and the like,” he wrote in response to an ESPN article asking who his next opponent should be. “Your boss and what not. The Mac. Santy Claus. I’m facing whoever the fuck has that LW title next. Deal with it. Take off your goggles and mark the trilogy ‘unfinished’. Deal with that too. The rest mentioned, after this. Deal. With. It.”

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McGregor is only 1-4 in his last Octagon appearances, including two back-to-back losses to Dustin Poirier who very well could be the one to hold the title when he returns.

It seems unlikely the UFC would throw McGregor back into a shot at a title but stranger things have happened when it comes to the former champ-champ.