Conor McGregor Reveals Potential Opponents After Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229

October 1, 2018

Conor McGregor isn’t the kind of fighter to leave his future to chance.

As he prepares for his showdown against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 this weekend, McGregor has already started to contemplate what comes next for him now that he’s back to fighting full time again.

McGregor hasn’t stepped foot into the Octagon in nearly two years, but now that he’s got the hunger back to compete again, he’s planning on staying very busy in the near future.

While his focus remains solely on the undefeated Russian champion he’s about to face on Saturday night, McGregor says if a worst case scenario unfolds later this week, he’d even be willing to take on a short-notice replacement at UFC 229.

“I’ve already been mapping out what would I want to do next,” McGregor told the MacLife crew. “I know there’s [Anthony] Pettis and [Tony] Ferguson in the co-main. About a month or two ago in preparation for this, when that fight got announced as co-main, I was like man if Khabib bottles this fight like he has bottled many fights before, if he bottles this one, no disrespect to those other two but I don’t give a f— about those other two, to step in, I think I would have just disappeared back into the shadows and got that man somewhere else outside of here.

“Now that I’m here and I’m back and I’m close, I think if he didn’t show up, I think I would take a fight against either one of those.”

Assuming all goes well for McGregor on Saturday night, he’s obviously got plenty of options for what comes next in his career.

McGregor is undoubtedly the most sought after opponent in UFC history in large part because of the attention he brings to any fight not to mention the pay-per-view revenue any of his fights generate.

From the sound of things, McGregor has thought about adding a third world title to his resume or potentially taking on arguably one of the greatest fighters of all time.

“I’m already mapping out what’s next in my head,” McGregor explained. “I know Dustin [Poirier] and Nate [Diaz] is competing. I know the 170-pound belt has just been defended and I know Tyron [Woodley], the current welterweight champion, is just itching for that one, like they all f—ing are. I know Georges [St-Pierre] is in there test cutting to 155 [pounds].

“I know everyone’s around looking for it so I’m here and I’m ready. Let’s see what happens. I’ve got my eye on everyone.”

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