Conor McGregor Responds to Nevada Commission’s Punishment for UFC 229 Post Fight Brawl

January 30, 2019

Conor McGregor has gone to battle with the Nevada State Athletic Commission in the past, but this time around he’s happy with his verdict for the UFC 229 post fight brawl last October.

On Tuesday, the Nevada commission voted unanimously to fine McGregor $50,000 and suspend him for six months for his role in the brawl that broke out just seconds after his fourth-round loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

While it was Nurmagomedov who incited the melee when he leapt over the cage to go after one of McGregor’s teammates, the former two-division UFC champion ended up jumping on top of the cage and then exchanging punches with several of his opponent’s teammates as well.

The end result will cost McGregor $50,000 and he will be eligible to return as early as April 6, as his punishment for the melee will come to a close.

“I am thankful for the Nevada athletic commission’s fair assessment and handling of the brawl incident,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “It was not my intention to land the final blow of the night on my opponent’s blood relative. It’s just how it played out.

“I look forward to competing again soon. Thank you all.”

McGregor has been attached to a rumored fight against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone for his return to action in 2019, although no official offers have been made for the proposed match-up.

While the UFC 229 situation has now been put to bed, McGregor couldn’t resist getting in the last word with another post showing off his handiwork against Nurmagomedov’s teammates, who came after him during that brawl in Las Vegas.

“Straight left hand inside the attackers jab,” McGregor wrote with photos from the brawl attached to his message. “He attempted to use the big security guard that’s in all the movies as cover, but I could smell him a mile away and landed flush down the pipe.

“The final blow of the night UFC 229 in association with McGregor Sports and Entertainment.”