Conor McGregor Pays Homage to Gracie Family as Kron Gracie Makes UFC Debut

A lot has been made of the way Conor McGregor has changed the game of mixed martial arts in recent years, but without the Gracie Family there likely wouldn’t be a game to change and he knows it.

The Gracie Family was part of the launch of the UFC back in 1993. At that time, fighters stepping into the Octagon were purely trying to see who’s martial art style was the better, more effective style for fighting. It has since developed into the sport that we watch today; the sport of which McGregor has become the biggest star.

In the beginning, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was the most dominant style in the UFC, particularly the Gracie Family’s brand. It has remained one of the key elements of MMA as we know it today, but few of the family members have regained the pinnacle under today’s more sporting aspect of combat. 

Kron Gracie is currently 4-0 and will be making his Octagon debut at UFC Fight Night on ESPN 1 in Phoenix. He is the son of one of the most respected fighters in the Gracie Family, Rickson, a legend of the sport if there ever was one.

On the cusp of Kron’s debut, McGregor gave a nod to him and his family for what they have meant to the sport from which McGregor has forged a prosperous career.

“Very excited to see Kron Gracie compete (Sunday) in the UFC. Son of Rickson, partner of Diaz. So much lineage,” wrote McGregor on Twitter.

“Very proud and exciting moment here for the prestigious Gracie family. Remember that without this family, none of us would have a job we loved. Good luck and respect.”

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